My writing is places: “Weirdest TED moments” on the TED Blog

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Sometimes I write about things that are not sex (shocking, I know). Today I shared the 10 weirdest things that have happened in TED Talks for the TED blog, inspired by my wildly popular “what the fuck did I just watch” series of tweets. If you want to watch TED speakers stab themselves in the arm, swallow swords, and pass around dead ducks, click through here.

For a sneak preview:

4. Elizabeth Pisani makes like a condom dispenserPeople in the front row during Pisani’s talk at TED2010 got some sweet freebies: the public health advocate threw a handful of condoms into the audience. As she criticized Pope Benedict’s discouragement of contraception use in nations struggling to slow the spread of HIV, she said, “I’ve got news for you, Benedict. I carry condoms all the time and I never get laid!” She then pulled a wad of the prophylactics out of her pocket and tossed them with flair. “Here, maybe you’ll have better luck.”

After you read my piece you should watch ALL OF THOSE TALKS. Consider it a personal favor. Make me look good. Share with all your friends.

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