At #TED2015, be back in a few weeks!


Hello lovelies! For the next two weeks this blog will be on hiatus while I cover the TED2015 conference in rainy Vancouver, Canada. Check out my Twitter @brosandprose for all my behind-the-scenes freakouts and obnoxious selfies. For more informative coverage, quotes from the new talks (including Monica Lewinsky!!!), and general rad content, head over to @TEDTalks, and be sure to follow @TED on Instagram.

I’ll be back with tons of weird and fun posts at the end of March, including a new series about living with herpes which will hopefully have a puntastic title courtesy of Gabe Rosenberg. In the mean time, here’s what you can spend the next few weeks reading:

See you on the other side, kids!

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Ella Dawson is a sex and culture critic and a digital strategist. She drinks too much Diet Coke.

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