2014: ‘Look at you, being a real person and stuff’

I was explaining to a friend that I was lurking in a Night Owl Reviews author chat tonight to pick up tips on entering the erotica-writing industry when he said something terrifying. “Oh crap. Cause you’re thinking about jobs. Look at you, being a real person and stuff.”

It is January 6, 2014. I am twenty-one years old, a second semester senior at Wesleyan University, and I still pass for sixteen—usually against my will when ordering drinks at a bar. I frequently wear my hair in pigtails to keep it out of my eyes when I write and for dinner tonight I ate microwaved Pizza Bagels. A real person? An adult? Me?

I won’t wax poetic about my impending college-to-real world transition and the myriad of anxieties it requires. But as a new year’s resolution, here it is: a website. All mine. I’ll post links to my new fiction, reviews, blog posts, and occasionally self-indulgent selfies (#365FeministSelfie represent!). Let’s go, 2014! Let’s go, being a real person and stuff!

Cheers, everyone.

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Ella Dawson is a sex and culture critic and a digital strategist. She drinks too much Diet Coke.

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