Sh*t I’m thankful for in no particular order

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  1. Foss Hill, forever and always.
  2. Button fly jeans. Seriously, nothing is more satisfying than dramatically popping those fuckers open all in a row.
  3. Being able to go to fun Manhattan book parties after work like RKB’s recent shindig for Sex & Cupcakes. Also, parties with open bars.
  4. I’m still not over being a Wes Celeb. I realize I am no longer a college student and the title holds no meaning in the real world. I do not care. The article is not at all taped above my desk in my bedroom.
  5. How exciting it is to meet up with someone at the clock tower in the middle of Grand Central, even though I’m usually too short to see them coming from far off and wind up pacing around like a nervous person checking my cellphone to see if I missed a text. But that moment when the crowd parts and there they are, that’s golden.
  6. The fact that Gabe Rosenberg is always reachable through Twitter or Facebook and without fail likes my posts without me having to ask him to.
  7. Union Square Park.
  8. Having bro friends who threaten to fuck up the human trash bag who called me a cunt on twitter (after I tweeted about the harassment users have received when tweeting with the #FergusonDecision hashtag).
  9. My parents, who were basically like look if you hate Berkeley so much you should just move home, don’t be a hero.
  10. Long email exchanges with Malin James about my ~vision~ for erotica.
  11. Moody hipster covers of old Motown songs.
  12. Oleander Plume, who took a serious leap of faith on a little Twitter punk and invited me to contribute to the remarkably good Chemical [se]X (did you guys think this wouldn’t make the list? C’mon now).
  13. Okay yes, I’m really thankful for Twitter.
  14. That time a friend and I went to the Halloween parade in the Village and got tired at like 7:45pm and were feeling really pathetic for wanting to call it a night already, and we couldn’t figure out what subway stops were still open so we stopped on a side street to Google a route and Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy walked right fucking past us on the sidewalk.
  15. Temporary tattoos.
  16. Drunk, well-intentioned businessmen on Metro North who assume I’m a teenager and encourage me to keep writing because they had a cousin who had journals like that and now he writes TV scripts!
  17. This TED talk.

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Ella Dawson is a sex and culture critic and a digital strategist. She drinks too much Diet Coke.

7 thoughts on “Sh*t I’m thankful for in no particular order

  1. Ditto. You and our emails are on my list too, darlin. (btw, I was torn between saying “darlin” or “dude”. I love that both are equally applicable 🙂 ) xoxo

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