Who Would I Be If I Hadn’t Gotten Herpes?


The lovely ladies over at Femsplain let me write about my fixation with parallel universes for their August theme “jealousy.” I’m not an especially jealous person beyond the usual who is that girl in that picture with my man moments on Facebook. But I do wonder about the Ella who never got herpes, and whether or not her life is better than mine. I’m inclined to say it’s not. My life is pretty fucking sweet.

2-ATaMOeOn a different note, can I say that Femsplain is incredible? I always have such a positive, respectful experience when I pitch and complete articles for the site, and I admire the supportive, savvy community they’re creating. I’m taking a break from mainstream publications for a while and focusing on smaller sites that really, truly value their writers. Femsplain runs work from women of all ages and experience levels, leading to a diverse, surprising and accessible reading experience. I couldn’t have written this piece anywhere else. Female-identified writers, write for Femsplain.

Also their social media presence goddamn slays. Just sayin’.

Read “The Women I Could Have Been” here>>

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Ella Dawson is a sex and culture critic and a digital strategist. She drinks too much Diet Coke.

One thought on “Who Would I Be If I Hadn’t Gotten Herpes?

  1. Congrats! Truly you are an inspiration to many and I congratulate you on sharing your story. Those of us that have dealt with not only this stigma but many others are glad to finally ha e a positive voice and to let people know the truth.

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